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Empa - a Research Institute of the ETH Domain
Empa is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development within the ETH Domain. Empa’s research and development activities are oriented to meeting the requirements of industry and the needs of our society, and link together applications-oriented research and the practical implementation of new ideas, science and industry, and science and society.

5/19/2011 1:35:44 PM | Energy | 0 comments
Swiss researchers boost efficiency of flexible solar cells to new world record - Record efficiency of 18.7% for flexible CIGS solar cells on plastics
To make solar electricity affordable on a large scale, scientists and engineers worldwide have long been trying to develop a low-cost solar cell, which is both highly efficient and easy to manufacture with high throughput.
4/7/2011 11:29:14 AM | Industry | 0 comments
Empa opens laser centre in Thun - Large surfaces can be machined with nanometre precision
The facility will help researchers to develop new kinds of surfaces. Commercial partners will be able to use it to structure large films with micro to nanometre precision.
2/1/2011 4:32:07 PM | Research | 0 comments
Nanotoxicology: An interdisciplinary challenge
How Safe Is Nano?
2/1/2011 4:30:12 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Nanosilver: a new name – well known effects
At work against microbes for over a century
11/22/2010 1:08:47 PM | Materials | 0 comments
New high performance insulating plaster developed at Empa
Aerogel-based Plaster – a Simple and Effective Way to Insulate Historical Buildings
11/11/2010 12:03:09 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Empa researchers clarify reaction pathway to fabricate graphene-like materials
Step by step towards tomorrow's nanomaterial
8/16/2010 2:50:21 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Empa researchers discover why implant coatings detach: Nanocorrosion causes implants to fail
Extra-hard coatings made from diamond-like carbon (DLC) extend the operating lifetime of tools and components. In artificial joints, however, these coatings often fail because they detach.
8/9/2010 12:16:43 AM | Materials | 0 comments
Nanoribbons for graphene transistors
In the recent issue of Nature, scientists from Empa and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research report how they have managed for the first time to grow graphene ribbons that are just a few nanometres wide using a simple surface-based chemical method.
8/7/2010 11:55:18 AM | Research | 0 comments
Empa grows "sea-urchin" shaped structures: More efficient photocells thanks to nanostructured surfaces
Empa researchers have succeeded in growing sea-urchin shaped nanostructures from minute balls of polystyrene beads using a simple electrochemical process. The spines of the sea urchin consist of zinc oxide nanowires. The structured surface should help increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic devices.
7/5/2010 3:49:35 PM | Nanoparticles | 0 comments
Empa researchers "design" therapeutic coatings of silver
Empa researchers have demonstrated how they can adjust process conditions to influence the properties of novel plasma polymer coatings containing silver nanoparticles.
11/20/2009 11:06:20 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Polymer with honeycomb structure: Empa scientists synthesize graphene-like material
Graphene consists of a two-dimensional carbon layer in which the carbon atoms are arranged on a hexagonal lattice, resembling a honeycomb.
10/8/2009 1:23:48 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Investigating nanopillars - Silicon brittle? Not this kind!
Silicon, the most important semiconductor material of all, is usually considered to be as brittle and breakable as window glass. On the nanometer scale, however, the substance exhibits very different properties, as Empa researchers have shown by creating minute silicon pillars.
5/30/2009 10:59:35 AM | Research | 0 comments
Molecules which flip into their own mirror image
Catalysts do function, despite the fact that not all the chemical reactions (and partial reactions) which occur are fully understood, including those which take place during the treatment of automobile exhaust.

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