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IBM Research
IBM Research is the world's largest information technology research organization, with a staff of more than 3,000 at eight labs in six countries. IBM has produced more research breakthroughs than any other company in the IT industry.

5/19/2011 12:51:22 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and SARA Sign Collaboration Agreement on Petascale Computing
Hundreds of scientists in the Netherlands make use of the national supercomputing facility Huygens at SARA to tackle important scientific and societal challenges like climate change, water management, improvement of medical care, nanotechnology and green energy.
5/17/2011 9:16:04 AM | Research | 0 comments
IBM and ETH Zurich Open Collaborative Nanotechnology Center
Scientists will collaborate and research novel nanoscale structures and devices for enhancing information technologies.
4/13/2011 4:15:41 PM | Bio/Medicine | 0 comments
IBM's MRSA Infection-Fighting Nanotechnology Caps Century of Healthcare Innovation
IBM's announcement of the first biodegradable nanoparticles that can seek out and destroy drug-resistant bacteria caps off a century of healthcare and life sciences innovation from IBM.
4/4/2011 10:16:25 AM | Nanoparticles | 0 comments
IBN and IBM Co-Develop New Weapon Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs
Scientists at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) and IBM Research – Almaden have developed the first biodegradable polymer nanoparticles to combat drug-resistant superbugs, such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
1/12/2011 3:58:32 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and Samsung Announce Joint Research into New Semiconductor Technology
Companies' scientists to jointly develop semiconductor technology to enable powerful, energy-efficient chips for new mobile devices and IT infrastructure
12/23/2010 2:50:49 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
Scientific Discovery Moves Racetrack Memory Closer to Reality
IBM Research is the first to measure the movement and processing of digital data as a magnetic pattern on nanowires 1,000 times finer than a human hair; New memory uses the spin of electrons to move data at hundreds of miles per hour to atomically precise positions along the nanowire racetrack.
12/1/2010 10:45:00 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
Made in IBM Labs: Breakthrough Chip Technology Lights the Path to Exascale Computing
IBM Silicon Nanophotonics uses optical signals to connect chips together faster and with lower power
9/26/2010 10:45:03 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Breakthrough Captures High Speed Measurements of Individual Atoms
IBM scientists have measured how long information can stay in an individual atom
9/9/2010 12:21:39 PM | Industry | 0 comments
Toppan Completes 22nm and 20nm Production Photomask Process Through Toppan-IBM Joint Development
Toppan is ready to support 22nm and 20nm photomask prototyping as well as production for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing customers.
9/3/2010 11:44:15 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM to Ship World's Fastest Microprocessor
The chip was designed by IBM engineers in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and was manufactured using IBM's 45 nanometer (nm) SOI processor technology in the company's 300mm fab in East Fishkill, N.Y
8/3/2010 9:48:29 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM and University of Aberdeen Collaborate to Identify Molecules from the Deep Sea
For the first time, atomic force microscopy helps scientists reveal the exact chemical structure of a natural compound; Using this fast and accurate technique could open new possibilities in drug discovery and treatments.
7/4/2010 5:07:51 PM | Research | 0 comments
Roche and IBM Collaborate to Develop Nanopore-Based DNA Sequencing Technology
Collaboration aims to accelerate human genome analysis and enable advancements in personalized healthcare
4/23/2010 7:22:54 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Research Creates World's Smallest 3D Map; Brings Low-Cost, Ease of Use to Creation of Nanoscale Objects
Breakthrough 3D Microscopic Technique Improves Development of Nanoscale Structures and Devices
4/11/2010 2:28:38 PM | Energy | 0 comments
IBM, KACST Unveil Research Initiative to Desalinate Seawater Using Solar Power
New technologies could significantly reduce water, energy costs
3/7/2010 8:38:50 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics
Development of on-chip optical interconnects for future multi-core processors
2/12/2010 7:01:49 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
Novellus Systems, IBM and the UAlbany NanoCollege Establish Strategic Partnership at CNSE's Albany NanoTech Complex
First Program Targets Development of Photoresist Strip Processes for Advanced Computer Chip Technologies
2/6/2010 10:11:13 PM | Materials | 0 comments
Made in IBM Labs: IBM Scientists Demonstrate World's Fastest Graphene Transistor
Holds Promise for Improving Performance of Transistors
11/18/2009 1:03:31 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Moves Closer to Creating Computer Based on Insights From the Brain
Scientists perform cat-scale cortical simulations and map the human brain in effort to build advanced chip technology
10/12/2009 5:37:46 PM | Grants | 0 comments
IBM Awarded National Institutes of Health Funding to Advance Genome Sequencing Technology
The grant will help further a team of IBM scientist's pursuit of a technique that threads a long DNA molecule through a three nanometer wide hole, known as a nanopore, in a silicon microchip.
10/6/2009 11:53:10 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Research Aims to Build Nanoscale DNA Sequencer to Help Drive Down Cost of Personalized Genetic Analysis
IBM scientists advance genome sequencing project
9/28/2009 5:10:22 PM | Industry | 0 comments
IBM Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Moving Atoms
Twenty years ago, IBM Fellow Don Eigler changed the course of nanotechnology research
9/18/2009 11:02:09 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Announces Industry's Densest, Fastest On-Chip Dynamic Memory in 32-Nanometer, Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
Enables improved speed, power savings and reliability for business, mobile, consumer and game applications
9/7/2009 6:27:35 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Scientists Effectively Eliminate Wear at the Nanoscale
Results could lead to new high-precision and high-quality nanomechanical tools in nanofabrication and in the development of next-generations chips.
8/29/2009 11:33:15 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Scientists First to Image the 'Anatomy' of a Molecule
Imaging individual atoms within a molecule has been a long-standing goal of surface microscopy
8/19/2009 12:04:31 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
Nanotechnology advancement could lead to smaller, faster, more energy efficient computer chips
IBM Scientists Use DNA Scaffolding To Build Tiny Circuit Boards
6/24/2009 3:50:09 PM | Energy | 0 comments
Made in IBM Labs: IBM Charges Up Research Into Next Generation Electric Energy Storage
Leveraging expertise in materials science, nanotechnology, green chemistry and supercomputing, scientists at IBM Research's Almaden lab in San Jose, California, are undertaking a multi-year research initiative around a grid-scale, efficient, affordable electrical energy storage network.
6/12/2009 8:31:40 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Scientists Directly Measure Charge States of Atoms Using an Atomic Force Microscope
Nanoscience milestone opens up new possibilities in molecular electronics
5/27/2009 4:32:23 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and Poland's Wroclaw Research Center Sign Joint Research Collaboration
Collaboration on Nanotechnology, Life Science and Intelligent Systems.
5/25/2009 11:02:22 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and Bulgarian Government in Partnership in Nanoscience: IBM Helps Create First Nanotechnology Center in Central and Eastern Europe
IBM and the Bulgarian government last week officially announced their cooperation in the area of nanoscience and a deal for IBM to support the creation of what will be the first Bulgarian nanotechnology center.
4/16/2009 6:14:15 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM Technology Alliance Announces Availability of Advanced 28-Nanometer, Low-Power Semiconductor Technology
IBM, Chartered, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, Samsung and STMicroelectronics Expand Technology Agreements
4/10/2009 6:06:35 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
CEA Leti and IBM to Collaborate on Future Nanoelectronics Technology
CEA/Leti Becomes a Research Associate of IBM and IBM's Semiconductor Joint Development Alliance Ecosystem Centered in Albany
4/4/2009 3:23:14 PM | Research | 0 comments
Beating the back-up blues
Physicists at the University of Leeds and scientists at IBM Research's Zurich lab have made new advances in researching a new kind of memory, called 'racetrack' memory, which could become the standard method of storing information on home computers.
2/27/2009 5:06:22 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and PDF Solutions Agree to Jointly Develop a Chip Design Platform for Advanced Technology Nodes
IBM and PDF Solutions, Inc have announced an agreement to develop an integrated circuit (IC) design platform to mitigate the effects of escalating design and manufacturing process complexity at the 32-, 28-, and 22-nanometer (nm) dimensions.
2/25/2009 9:24:26 AM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM, Applied Materials and UAlbany NanoCollege to Develop Process Modeling Technology for Manufacturing 22nm Chips
The project will combine IBM’s semiconductor technology research and development leadership and computer modeling expertise with Applied’s semiconductor processing knowledge to develop predictive models that can help minimize process variation, reduce development cost, and improve time to market for 22nm semiconductors.
12/21/2008 12:52:04 AM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Scientists Develop World's Fastest Graphene Transistor
IBM Researchers announced that they demonstrated the operation of graphene field-effect transistors at GHz frequencies, and achieved the highest frequencies reported so far using this novel non-silicon electronic material.
12/10/2008 7:44:01 PM | Energy | 0 comments
IBM to Pilot World Community Grid on Internal Cloud, Extending Capability to Clients
IBM and Researchers From Harvard Launch Project to Discover Lower Cost, More Efficient Solar Cells
11/13/2008 6:38:23 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM and Purdue discovery suggests nanowires are a step closer to electronics manufacturing
Researchers from IBM and Purdue University have discovered that tiny structures called silicon nanowires might be ideal for manufacturing in future computers and consumer electronics because they form the same way every time.
10/9/2008 10:32:48 PM | Patent | 0 comments
Ultratech Acquires Patents From IBM for Semiconductor Wafer Annealing
Has acquired the rights to a collection of patents from IBM -- these include fundamental patents around the area of rapid thermal annealing. Representing both U.S. and foreign patents, the portfolio includes hardware for thermal processing (annealing) of semiconductor wafers, as well as patents for temperature control and metrology
9/18/2008 6:44:42 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and Mentor Graphics to Develop 22nm Computational Lithography Solution for the Integrated Circuit Industry
Agreement to jointly develop and distribute next-generation computational lithography (CL) software solutions to enhance the imaging capability of lithographic systems used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits at the 22 nanometer (nm) node and beyond.
9/12/2008 12:06:16 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM and NEC Electronics Sign Agreement for Joint Development of Next-Generation Semiconductor Process Technology
Under the agreement, NEC Electronics will participate in a joint development project for the next-generation core CMOS process, at the 32-nm node, and in advanced fundamental research for leading-edge semiconductor technologies of the future.
9/11/2008 1:07:58 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Research Unveils Storage Innovations
As part of IBM’s largest launch ever of new storage hardware, software and services -- the building blocks for the world’s strongest information infrastructure portfolio – the company today outlined next-generation technologies incubating in IBM’s labs that could further enhance future information infrastructure offerings.
8/19/2008 3:07:38 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Builds World's Smallest SRAM Memory Cell
SRAM chips are precursors to more complex devices such as microprocessors.
7/17/2008 11:51:40 AM | Investment | 0 comments
Governor Paterson and Legislative Leaders Announce IBM Will Make Major Investment in New York
IBM Agrees to Invest $1.5 Billion; State Will Invest $140 Million to Secure IBM Commitment, Creating 1,000 News Jobs
5/16/2008 8:25:22 PM | Energy | 0 comments
"Liquid Metal" at the Center of IBM Innovation to Significantly Reduce Cost of Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells
IBM today announced a research breakthrough in photovoltaics technology that could significantly reduce the cost of harnessing the Sun's power for electricity.
4/30/2008 3:20:31 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
IBM and Matheson Tri-Gas to Collaborate on Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Four-year agreement to jointly develop new manufacturing materials and processes that will enable the next generation of semiconductor technology for 32nm and beyond.
4/11/2008 5:36:00 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Moves Closer to New Class of Memory
Spintronics, racetrack memory, Stuart Parkin, MRAM, computer memory, hard disk
3/26/2008 4:58:07 PM | Industry | 0 comments
World-Class Nanoelectronics Research Center Launched by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI)
61M Collaboration Among Academia, Industry and State Government to Fund Alternatives to Silicon Semiconductors at Universities in Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan
3/17/2008 9:39:54 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Researchers Develop World’s Tiniest Nanophotonic Switch to route optical data between cores in future computer chips
IBM scientists today took another significant advance towards sending information inside a computer chip by using light pulses instead of electrons by building the world's tiniest nanophotonic switch with a footprint about 100X smaller than the cross section of a human hair.
3/12/2008 5:48:14 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM and Hitachi Form Research Collaboration to Study Chip Characteristics at Near Atomic Scale
Miniaturization of transistors, a driving force in improving the performance of computer chips, is being aggressively pursued in the development of next-generation 32 and 22-nanometer devices.
3/7/2008 12:46:01 AM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Scientists "Quiet" Unruly Electrons in Atomic Layers of Graphite
Atomic-Sized Graphene Double Layer Holds Nanoelectronics Promise
2/23/2008 3:27:39 AM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Scientists First To Measure Force Required To Move Individual Atoms
This fundamental measurement provides important information for designing future atomic-scale devices: computer chips, miniaturized storage devices, and more.
1/24/2008 9:59:59 AM | Research | 0 comments
Moscow State University Buys Russia's First IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer
Leading Russian University to Use the World's Most Powerful Computing System for Breakthrough Scientific Research
12/18/2007 10:38:27 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
Toshiba and IBM Extend Semiconductor Research and Development Collaboration
New Agreement Broadens and Extends Ongoing Collaboration to Include 32nm CMOS Process Technology
12/15/2007 11:10:20 AM | Industry | 0 comments
IBM Commemorates 60th Anniversary of the Transistor and Decades of Innovations
On December 16, 1947, scientists at Bell labs succeeded in building what many consider to be the greatest invention of the twentieth century; the transistor.
12/11/2007 7:37:57 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Alliances Deliver Easier Path to Next Generation Semiconductor Products
Smaller, Faster More Power-Efficient 32 Nanometer Semiconductors Span Low-Power Consumer Devices, High-Performance Computing
12/6/2007 3:56:53 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
New IBM Research Technology Could Enable Today's Massive Supercomputers to Be Tomorrow's Tiny Computer Chips
Advancement in Using Light Instead of Wires for Building Supercomputers-on-a-Chip
10/15/2007 6:22:52 PM | Nanofabrication | 0 comments
IBM Researchers Bring Printing to the Nanoscale with New Fabrication Technique
The Smallest Piece of Art Ever Printed Could Be Harbinger of Ultra-Tiny Nanowires, Biosensors and Optics for Future Chips
9/7/2007 10:16:35 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM and Imago Find a Crucial Difficulty in Semiconductor Device Scaling
IBM and Imago have taken a seminal step along the path to achieving Dr. Feynman's vision by observing, for the first time, distributions of individual dopant atoms in semiconductor devices.
9/2/2007 2:21:52 AM | Research | 0 comments
IBM Unveils Two Major Nanotechnology Breakthroughs as Building Blocks for Atomic Structures and Devices
Magnetic Atom Milestone Brings Single-Atom Data Storage Closer to Reality; Single-Molecule Switching Could Lead to Molecular Computers
9/2/2007 2:18:21 AM | Industry | 0 comments
IBM Marks More Than Two Decades of Nanotechnology Leadership
A Timeline of Major Atomic Scale Breakthroughs in Science and Technology from IBM Labs
8/14/2007 9:50:03 PM | Industry | 0 comments
IBM's Atomic Corrals Show Nanotechnology at its Finest
Two atomic-sized images resulting from scientific work at IBM's labs are part of an art exhibit opening today at the United States Patent and Trademark Museum in Alexandria, Virginia.
5/19/2007 3:59:34 PM | Research | 0 comments
The Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations Unveiled By Rensselaer, IBM, and New York State
The Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI), the result of a $100 million partnership involving Rensselaer, IBM, and New York state, is designed to continue advancing semiconductor technology to the nanoscale, while also enabling key nanotechnology innovations in the fields of energy, biotechnology, arts, and medicine.
5/3/2007 5:54:53 PM | Research | 0 comments
UAlbany NanoCollege plays critical role in IBM technology breakthrough
IBM Brings Nature to Computer Chip Manufacturing
8/3/2006 6:20:52 PM | Research | 0 comments
IBM researchers investigate molecules for future information processing
Looking beyond silicon technology
5/10/2006 5:48:03 PM | Education | 0 comments
New Supercomputing Center To Advance the Science of Nanotechnology
$100 million partnership will create world’s most powerful university-based computing center
5/3/2006 5:22:26 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Researchers Demonstrate New Method for Rapid Molecule Sorting and Delivery
Has Potential to Improve Medical Lab Tests and Nanoelectronic Circuit Manufacturing
3/25/2006 2:45:58 PM | Nanotubes | 0 comments
IBM Milestone Advances Effort to Enhance Semiconductors Through Nanotechnology
IBM today announced that its researchers have built the first complete electronic integrated circuit around a single "carbon nanotube" molecule, a new material that shows promise for providing enhanced performance over today's standard silicon semiconductors.
1/6/2006 7:21:08 PM | Research | 0 comments
Filling “Nanocontainers” with Liquid
In research that may help advance many emerging nanotechnologies, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, together with research groups from Harvard University and IBM, have learned how a very thin layer of liquid behaves on a “nanopatterned” silicon surface
1/6/2006 7:16:00 PM | Research | 0 comments
New Nanotechnological Structures Reported for the First Time in Journal Nature
A team of Columbia University and IBM scientists has created conditions necessary for the successful self-assembly of new nanotechnological structures -- at least 10 novel crystal arrangements that could form the basis of tomorrow's leading edge technology, the journal Nature reported in its Jan. 5, 2006 edition.
12/7/2005 3:30:08 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
AMD And IBM Unveil New, Higher Performance, More Power Efficient 65nm Process Technologies At Gathering Of Industry’s Top R&D Firms
Achievements Can Help Both Companies Meet Aggressive Goals for Increasing Performance, While Decreasing Power Requirements, of Future Microprocessors
5/26/2005 5:30:29 PM | Research | 0 comments
A clean start on nanotechnology research
Work under way on facility at UAlbany's NanoTech complex to be used by IBM researchers
1/6/2005 11:04:07 PM | Investment | 0 comments
Governor Pataki Announces Historic Investments by IBM Global High-Tech Leaders In Nanoelectronics Manufacturing And Development
International Project Attracts High-Tech Partners from Across the Globe to New York; Includes Hudson Valley Chip Plant Expansion, New R&D Center at Albany Center of Excellence
7/16/2004 12:03:11 AM | Optics | 0 comments
IBM scientists have achieved a breakthrough in nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging
"..detecting the faint magnetic signal from a single electron buried inside a solid sample."
3/27/2004 10:01:40 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
Individual carbon nanotube emits light for the first time
This step in research on carbon nanotubes may help to materialize many of the proposed applications for carbon nanotubes, such as in electronics and photonics development.
3/5/2004 5:22:18 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
Samsung Electronics Joins IBM, Chartered, Infineon in Nanotech Research In E. Fishkill
The four companies will focus on 65 nanometer (nm) technology and will extend, over time, to include 45 nm process development.
2/5/2004 5:35:21 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM brings closer to reality chips that put themselves together
Nano Patterning. By Gary Stix
12/8/2003 11:37:16 AM | Electronics | 0 comments
IBM Demos New Nanotechnology Method to Build Chip Components
Creates nanocrystal memory devices using self assembly technique compatible with conventional semiconductor processing

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