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3/9/2011 10:28:53 AM
Asylum Research Presents Cypher UCLA-CNSI Scan Tour/Workshop April 19-20, 2011

Asylum Research, the technology leader in scanning probe and atomic force microscopy (SPM/AFM), announces the Cypher AFM Scan Tour and Workshop will take place at the UCLA-CNSI’s Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory on April 19-20, 2011. Each day’s agenda will include a presentation of Cypher’s unique features and allow attendees to “look inside the box” and really get to grips with Cypher’s revolutionary design. Attendees are invited to bring their samples for individual demonstrations of Cypher in real-time, and to experience the unique capabilities of the world’s highest resolution AFM, including closed loop atomic resolution, fast scanning, and advanced ease-of-use features such as SpotOn automatic laser and photodiode alignment. Three slots will be available each day for attending groups to assess their own samples using their scanning modes of choice. Registration is free and all interested parties are welcome. Attendance is limited so early registration is recommended. Attendees may register at

John Green, Executive Vice President of Sales at Asylum Research commented, “We are very pleased that the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA will be the first stop on our Cypher California Tour this year. The Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory is a renowned center providing state-of-the-art research tools and experienced scientist support for its multitude of users and collaborators in the nanoscience community. This workshop will introduce researchers to the advanced capabilities that Cypher can bring to their research, especially in the dynamic and growing fields of energy storage, polymer materials, and single molecule studies.”

Adam Stieg, Scientific Director of the Nano and Pico Characterization Laboratory (NPC) at UCLA-CNSI, noted “The NPC Lab and CNSI are extremely excited to be a host for Asylum’s 2011 Cypher California Tour. Workshops of this kind provide an extremely valuable opportunity for researchers to gain hands-on experience in the characterization of real samples that would not be possible in other venues. Given the breadth of the scientific community here at UCLA, this extended workshop will serve to expose researchers to the advantages provided by AFM methods in the execution of cutting-edge nanoscience research.”

UCLA’s CNSI Nano and Pico Characterization Lab

The Nano and Pico Characterization Lab (NPC) in the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) provides an unprecedented collection of nanoscale surface analysis instrumentation in a single, multi-user facility. By combining multiple modes of surface analysis, this facility enables thorough investigation of the vast array of physical, chemical and electrical properties necessary for complete study of an experimental system and developing nanotechnologies.

The Nano & Pico Characterization Lab provides both state-of-the-art microscopic techniques to visualize surfaces, adsorbates, nanostructures and devices at the atomic and molecular scale as well as a unique opportunity for researchers to gain insight into local properties under a wide range of experimental conditions. An ever increasing demand for knowledge of how matter behaves at the nanoscale and beyond has forced these measurements and methods to the forefront of nanoscience research.

For additional information, contact Terry Mehr, Director of Marketing Communications, or Monteith Heaton, EVP, Marketing/Business Development, Asylum Research, 6310 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, 805-696-6466x224/227,,,

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