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10/7/2004 10:58:02 PM
VESTA Technology, Inc. Introduces the VULCAN, a 200/300mm In-Situ and/or Sequential Dual Mode ALD with CVD Processing Capability

VESTA Technology, Inc., the innovative equipment and enabling solution provider for semiconductor manufacturing, nano-technology applications, and flat panel display fabrication, today announced the release of its new VULCAN System for 200/300mm in-situ and/or sequential dual mode Metal-ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) with CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) processing capability.

VESTA's dual mode deposition technology integrates a precision ALD for initial layers with high throughput CVD for bulk layers. Both the initial ALD layer and the CVD fill are deposited within the same VULCAN chamber with or without plasma. The integration of in-situ and/or sequential deposition approach overcomes both the film quality limitation of CVD processing and the low deposition rate limitation of ALD processing.

By adopting plasma technology, low temperature deposition is achieved for gate electrodes, back-end-of the line (BEOL) applications, and applications utilizing polymeric substrates.

"With the addition of VULCAN to our ALD product portfolio, we can provide a complete ALD technology solution. Our existing Nano-ALD System for 200/300mm ALD for dielectric applications currently has an installed base of over thirty- five (35) systems in high volume production lines. The systems are being utilized for capacitor and gate applications requiring various oxide film processing. "Our first production VULCAN system has been qualified in a leading-edge 300-mm production fab where it will be used for advanced memory device applications." VESTA's Executive Director, Chuck Kim noted, "The system's success is due to its ability to offer revolutionary technology and proven reliability for advanced technology production. The system offers the technical flexibility of single wafer processing and the versatility of plasma for productivity." Mr. Kim extends his appreciation on behalf of VESTA to the industry's technology leaders who have leveraged the Nano-ALD advantages in their world-class facilities. For more information call us at 408-519-5800 or visit our website at

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