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4/22/2011 4:55:50 PM
Seashell Technology awarded IP for large-scale economic production of silver nanowires

Seashell Technology, a La Jolla, California based nanotechnology development company, announces the issuance of US patent No. 7,922,787, covering commercially relevant methods to manufacture silver nanowires. Dr. David Schultz, Vice President of Seashell Technology, said, "Silver nanowires are gaining traction as a novel material for use in electrically or thermally conductive applications. There are very few practical methods to synthesize silver nanowires and Seashell’s patent covers methods that have been successfully and reproducibly scaled to multi-kilogram quantities and are cost effective.” He added, "Seashell personnel have been producing high purity silver nanowires of defined dimension for several years. Both academic and industrial entities have used these silver nanowires as high performance electrically conductive materials.” These silver nanowires can be used in novel electrical devices which have recently become available on the commercial market.

Seashell Technology, a nanomaterial and nanocomposite material supplier, has developed novel silver nanowire materials that are available for purchase. This material is supplied as a liquid suspension containing silver nanowires of defined dimension and concentration. These silver nanowire materials can be deposited on or embedded in a variety of substrates used in electronics such as polyethylene terephthalate, glass, polycarbonate, and epoxy to create displays, conductive adhesives, organic LEDs (OLED) devices, photovoltaic cells, conductive inks and others. Seashell is currently selling kilogram quantities of electrically and thermally conductive silver nanowires.

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