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11/4/2004 11:43:05 PM
Competitive Technologies Announces Patent For Nanotechnology Bone Biomaterial Issued

Competitive Technologies, Inc. announced today that patent number 6,808,561 has been issued by the US Patent Office for Dr. Brian R. Genge's nanotechnology bone biomaterial developed at the University of South Carolina (USC). CTT has an exclusive agreement with the University of South Carolina Research Foundation to license and commercialize the nanotechnology, an injectible calcium phosphate-based biomaterial. Dr. Genge is a research professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at USC.

"The granting of this patent recognizes the unique qualities of Dr. Genge's innovative nanoparticle biomaterial technology," said Suzanne N. B. Alent, CTT's VP Marketing and Business Development. "CTT has an agreement with a major dental products company to research the manufacture and use of this nanotechnology for dental applications. We will continue to aggressively market this superior technology for all aspects of its capabilities."

In addition to its use in the dental field, the patented nanotechnology can also be applied to a variety of human orthopedic procedures, especially related to the spine and craniofacial reconstruction, as well as veterinary uses. The bone biomaterial technology is an easily flowable, moldable paste that conforms to and interdigitates with the host bone. It rapidly hardens itself in vivo, forming a solid bone-like structure capable of stabilizing fractured bone within 15 minutes and supports the growth of cartilage and bone cells. The technology has superior compressive strength making it suitable for weight and non-weight bearing bones, and is both machinable and drillable.

John B. Nano, CTT's President and CEO said, "CTT is proud to continue its successful relationship with USC and Dr. Genge. We are building and renewing our strong, global alliances with universities, companies and individual inventors. Bone biomaterial is just one of the exciting technologies in CTT's innovative portfolio. We are actively marketing and commercializing several technologies, including homocysteine assays, video compression and decoding technology, sexual dysfunction treatment, sunless tanning application, silicon carbide wafer testing, encryption technology, EZSpeech language-mastering software, an anti-cancer compound and the Therapik device."

Competitive Technologies, established in 1968, is a full service technology transfer and licensing provider focused on the technology needs of its customers and transforming those requirements into commercially viable solutions. CTT is a global leader in identifying, developing and commercializing innovative technologies in life, digital, nano, and physical sciences developed by universities, companies and inventors. The global market for technology transfer services is estimated at $150 billion annually. CTT maximizes the value of intellectual assets for the benefit of its customers, clients and shareholders. Visit CTT's website:

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