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11/10/2003 5:21:04 AM
Microfabrica to Enhance Microdevice Developments

Microfabrica Inc. (formerly MEMGen Corporation), a leader in microdevice fabrication, has joined forces with Itochu Corporation (Itochu) and Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo) to provide local support in the Japanese market.

Under the terms of the agreements, Itochu and Sumitomo will serve as certified distributors of Microfabrica’s EFAB™ micro-manufacturing technology and will also provide technical support in the Japanese market.

“The trend for smaller, yet more complex devices has never been stronger and more pervasive in Japan, crossing all industry boundaries,” said Shigetaka Sato, Itochu Corporation’s deputy general manager of IT & telecommunication business. “Japanese companies are always in search of the next technology for miniaturization, so we anticipate that Microfabrica’s EFAB technology will attract a lot of attention. Initial customer feedback already confirms a strong level of interest for the technology.”

“We expect the microdevice industry to expand rapidly in Japan, and since we already have an established semiconductor, display and electronics equipment customer base, it was natural to expand our presence in this area,” said Kazuo Sasada, Sumitomo Corporation’s general manager of machinery & systems. “Microfabrica is at the forefront of microdevice production, so it is the ideal manufacturing partner to help us establish ourselves in the industry and strengthen our product offering.”

“Japan is a critical market for us to establish a strong base, and we are excited about having attracted two of the strongest players to help us accomplish that,” said Vacit Arat, president and CEO of Microfabrica. “Itochu and Sumitomo enjoy solid reputations and have a specialized understanding of micro-manufacturing that will be a valuable asset to our growth in Japan.”

Microfabrica’s EFAB technology enables unprecedented flexibility in 3-D design, allowing devices to be built with multiple layers of metal (tens to hundreds, if required). This makes possible a wide range of applications including microprobes, RF components, ink jet print heads and fluidic devices, sensors and actuators, biomedical and optical devices.

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