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11/19/2007 3:25:42 PM
Greenyarn Launches New 2008 Nanotechnology Products

Greenyarn, a Boston firm developing advanced fabrics for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional materials, is launching a new line of 2008 socks and some undergarments.

One of the new socks launching in November -- Tyrrano, is a hiking sock designed by mountaineers and tested on rugged terrain. Containing the finest acrylic yarns at the heel and toe, and knitted with our 200-needle count technology, Tyrrano is cushioning, quick-drying, yet durable. Tyrrano also contains Bio-weave and Eco-fabric, nanotech materials that make them anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and comfortable.

"With the advancement of nanotechnology, different particles could be embedded in the fibers" said Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn. "The bamboo charcoal fight bacteria and deodorize, while the Bio-ceramic in Bio-weave absorb and emit Far Infrared energy, unlike other materials."

Bio-weave contains Bio-ceramic. It wicks moisture and is quick drying. Bio-ceramic contains 26 kinds of ceramic mixed with mineral oxides together at 1600 degrees centigrade. After cooling, the composite ceramic absorbs and emits far-infrared energy.

Far Infrared energy is a low energy form of light that dips through the skin layer and massages the cells below, stimulating healthy metabolism and blood circulation. All these benefits of the smart underwear come from bamboo charcoal and Bio-ceramic and not from chemicals, and since they are embedded in the fibers, they cannot be washed out.

“These socks dry fast and do not stink,” said Carl Alessendro, an avid outdoors sportsman. “The cushioning on these socks are also amazing. They leave your feet comfortable all day long no matter how far you go.”

Another product launched in November is the Eco-fabric undergarments. The highly comfortable underwear is made from Eco-fabric and Lycra, woven by a highly advanced seamless machine.

"Our research brought us to softer and finer fibers with embedded nanoparticles," said Johnson Tsai, a researcher of Greenyarn. "The nano-particles contain bamboo charcoal, which fight bacteria and deodorize. Furthermore, they absorb and emit Far Infrared energy."

“The seamless construction and the use of Lycra make these undergarments very comfortable,” said Matthew Bennett, an accounts executive at Greenyarn. “You only read about such smart products in SciFi novels, but it is here now.”

"It's not often that a new advanced product is so affordable to the public," said Navin Weeraratne, Greenyarn's South Asia accounts manager. "We're starting to see a great deal of interest in these smart underwear from retailers and customers."

Greenyarn is a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. Greenyarn is based in Boston, Massachusetts. You can visit Greenyarn's website at

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