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1/21/2004 3:01:43 PM
Viet Nam initially penetrates into nanotechnology

Viet Nam this year will allocate 300,000 USD to a national nanotechnology research project conducted by the Viet Nam Physicists Association.

The project, submitted to the State for approval last year, will be headed by Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu and his colleagues from science institutes nationwide.

Accordding to the scientists, Viet Nam is likely to begin studies on simulation theories and models for nano-devices, nano-crystalines magnetic materials, nano-catalyse materials and polymer materials.

From 2003-05, Viet Nam plans to train 50 engineers, 10 masters and five PhD degree holders in nano-science. They will turn out some test products and will introduce teaching programmes on diamonds, carbon nano tubes, multi-layer structures and mono-layer structures.

From 2006-2010, the programme will set up establishments to produce nanotechnology products, expand research into nano-medicine.

Dr Hoang Nghi from the Ha Noi Technology University said that scientists in Viet Nam started researching nanotechnology in 1992. More than 10 million USD were invested in equipment for the research, helping some labs in Viet Nam meet basic conditions for research. The Ho Chi Minh City National University carried out a nanotechnology project worth about 4 million USD in 2003.

Human resource development in nanotechnology started developing at the same time. Tens of masters and doctorate theses on nanotechnology have been successfully defended at Ha Noi National University, Ha Noi Technology University and the National Centre for Natural Science and Technology. In the 2001-02 academic year, the university added general nanotechnology courses into its technical physics engineering programme. The university also put forth a framework programme for post-graduate students.

Ha Noi National University set up a technology faculty, including nanotechnology, two years ago.

According to Nghi, Viet Nam's understanding and application of the technology is poor and nanotechnology products have not been commercialised. He suggested a nanotechnology training programme, that meets international nanotechnology research standards.

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