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7/8/2004 6:51:24 PM
EV Group Unveils NanoAlign Technology, New Mask Aligner at SEMICON West

EV Group, a leading supplier of wafer-bonding and lithography equipment, today announced that it has developed an advanced aligner technology that improves competitiveness of full-field lithography by providing the industry's highest alignment accuracy and resolution at lowest cost of ownership. The new NanoAlign Technology features active run-out control and sub-100nm dynamic alignment resolution, complemented by UV-Nanoimprint (UV-NIL) capability.

EV Group's NanoAlign Technology is especially useful for packaging up to 300-mm wafers, UV-NIL, micro-contact printing, SAW devices and optical gratings. It is available on all EV Group's mask aligner platforms, including the all-new EVG6200 Infinity aligner. The Infinity, which will be launched in the North American market during SEMICON West, is designed for all MEMS, compound semiconductor, nanoimprint lithography and power-device applications, as well as the wafer-bumping and chip-scale packaging markets.

"Our NanoAlign technology will enable our customers to use 1X full-field Lithography as a more cost-effective alternative to step-and-repeat approaches in markets such as advanced packaging," said Dr. Peter Podesser, chief executive officer of EV Group. "This combination of NanoAlign Technology's standard-setting accuracy, resolution and value with the entirely new Infinity aligner positions EV Group at the forefront of this market."

The Infinity supports a wide range of configurations, including large gap alignment, bowed and thin wafer processing. The fully automated EVG6200 Infinity offers unmatched investment protection, in part because it can be reconfigured and upgraded onsite with unique alignment and bonding features.

The EVG6200 Infinity is the culmination of EV Group's new aligner-technology roadmap, with features for manufacturing of a variety of 75mm-to-300mm wafers. With full-field proximity exposure of very thick resist layers, the new aligner is optimized for highest throughput, highest mean time between failures and most accurate print-gap settings.

The company's aligner-technology roadmap has evolved through extensive discussions with customers and was supported by EV Group's recognized strengths and commitment to research and development. EV Group's new aligner roadmap, which includes upgrades of the EVG620 and the IQ Aligner, positions the company to serve customers with both pilot and high-volume production needs.

The new aligner, which already has been ordered by several customers, also features the unique bond-alignment capabilities of EV Group's existing aligners, the EVG620 and the IQ Aligner.

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