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5/18/2011 10:12:52 AM
Nanologix introduces new "Petri Flat Pack", to exhibit at American Society for Microbiology annual meeting in New Orleans and unveils new website

NanoLogix, a biotechnology innovator in the rapid detection and identification of live-cell bacteria and microorganisms, announced today its latest innovation for the microbial diagnostic industry, the Flat Pack. The company has applied for a patent for this new packaging method to improve on conventional Petri packaging practices. The Flat Pack method more effectively protects the quality and integrity of NanoLogix BioNanoPore (BNP) and BioNanoFilter (BNF) Rapid Test Kits during both shipment and long-term storage, for all types of laboratory settings and locations.

The NanoLogix Flat Pack is a practical solution to the common challenges of traditional packaging, which expose plates to cracking and contamination by wrapping stacks of dishes in thin-film plastic. By contrast, the NanoLogix Flat Pack method vacuum seals a single layer of BNP/BNF Test Kits between two sheets of thick plastic. The process of vacuum-packaging protects the kits from damage and creates a sterile environment to prevent contamination from the outside air. In addition, the flat surface of the Flat Pack, allows for easy storage and visibility of product quality.

“We are pleased with the innovation of our Flat Pack packaging,” said Bret Barnhizer, NanoLogix CEO. “The sterile environment of the vacuum seal demonstrates our commitment to high-quality rapid diagnostics, no matter what type of use or laboratory location. From the hospital and the manufacturing floor, to biodefense operations and developing regions the Flat Pack ensures our products arrive intact and are ready for use at a moment’s notice.”

NanoLogix to Exhibit at American Society for Microbiology General Meeting in New Orleans

The new Flat Pack will be on display along with the NanoLogix BNP, BNF and Quick Test kits at the 111th American Society for Microbiology General Meeting, in New Orleans, May 21-24th. NanoLogix management and science personnel will be on hand at booth #445 to demonstrate the company’s latest innovations. More information on the conference can be found at

New NanoLogix Website

NanoLogix also announced today a comprehensive upgrade to its website The new site features detailed information on NanoLogix test results, third-party collaborations and extensive data on the wide variety of pathogens and industry applications suitable for the company’s rapid tests. To view the new site please visit

NanoLogix Clinical Trial Scheduled for Presentation

Results for one of the clinical trial phases undertaken by the University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston have been accepted for poster display and presentation at a major Obstetrics and Gynecology conference scheduled for autumn 2011. Additional information to follow as the date draws near.

NanoLogix, Inc.

NanoLogix is a biotechnology company focused primarily on rapid diagnostics. Its products offer rapid detection and identification of microorganisms. In addition to medical and homeland security applications, NanoLogix technology is applicable in pharmaceutical, industrial, veterinary and environmental testing. Patents granted to NanoLogix can be used in the areas of applied microbiology, soil microbiology and bioremediation, microbial physiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, pharmaco-kinetics, and antibiotic sensitivity. For more information visit

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